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Bollywood Indian Kitchen is a sought-after place in West Simi Valley for lovers of authentic Indian food. It is owned and run by a North Indian family having keen passion and great expertise in preparing tantalizing Indian dishes with a rich experience of cooking and serving in several states of America, now moved into West Simi Valley

The food served is healthy in homemade style. We use fresh spices and natural ingredients. We do not use food colors, frozen items and preservatives. Our Chefs are keen to win the hearts of lovers of food by giving special touch to dishes to make them delicious. We offer plenty of food choices. Our menu provides vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes along with choice of wines and beer.

The Chefs at Bollywood Indian Kitchen continue to surprise India food lovers with their unique and flavorful receips of Indian dishes. These chefs are admired by the residents of Simi Valley and surrounding community for their authentic and delicious dishes cooked using fresh spices and natural ingredients which they have been doing for many years serving the American community


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Bollywood Indian Kitchen

Our happy customers

Kirk B
Oh man, this place is fantastic. It's legit, authentic Indian fare.

The spice blends are so fresh and delicious, unlike the usual spots. They'll gladly make it as mild or spicy as you like it, and the chutneys adds so much to each dish. I don't know how to describe it, but the food just tastes brighter, and bigger then I typically enjoy in Indian places.

The experience is excellent. The atmosphere is a bit upscale, with nice linens, and soft, Indian music. The family that runs the restaurant is very friendly and welcoming. The classic dishes add a lovely, formal touch.

My wife and I eat out pretty frequently. She's a great cook. So it's hard for me to find a place in Simi Valley that competes with home. But this is it. Great food, relaxed, enjoyable environment, with excellent service. I think this might be the best restaurant in town.

Niki M
Best Indian food in Simi for sure. The garlic naan is the best I have had ever, actually. Delicious. The owner waited on us, and he was just fantastic. His cell phone number is actually on the menu, so if he is ever not in and you have a question or a concern, he wants you to call him for help.

We are vegetarian, so we had Aloo Matar and Veggie Vindaloo. The Matar was the perfect amount of spice when ordered medium, but the vindaloo was a bit too spicy. The plain rice was slightly herb infused, which was very good. They have a variety of good soups, including Mulligatawny, which is my mom's favorite.

Yes, it is a bit on the pricier, side, but you get what you pay for, and they do coupons frequently.

We spent over $100 for a large party, but the coupon was for $25 off. Great deal. Came out to about $30 per person with alcohol, which I don't think is particularly a lot of money.

The service was second to none.

Meena A
Welcome to the neighborhood,
This is the best Indian food north of Los Angeles and hold its own with any city establishment! Summary: Great, fresh flavors served in a cute, comfortable space (inside and outside) with ample parking outside. Chicken tikka masala was excellent - sauce was a perfect consistency and flavor, being that you could select your own spiciness/heat (mild, medium, or hot)! I got medium but might amp it up to hot next time. And it was my preference of all-white meat. I got the plain naan to complement my entrée. Super fresh, making me want to order the garlic naan and other versions. I started off with the vegetable (vegan) samosas that were perfectly crispy on the outside with airy potatoes and green peas stuffed inside; the sweet and spicy chutneys, which came with it, tasted awesome. A must-order! Staff was super friendly and efficient. Prices are slightly higher than some other places but the food quality is great! Overall, I highly recommend going here fast!

Other thoughts...Vegan friends, there are multiple options here for you to dine on. Also after my first visit today, I noted everything is à la cart. One suggestion I have is to consider special combinations each day. This way, people who are learning about Indian food don't have to guess what flavors go well together and people like me can get a variety of sides with entrées. Returning soon!

Heather K
This place is amazing! Delicious food, the restaurant was warm and inviting, my family and I loved it! From the moment we we're seated we were treated with the utmost attention and care, with even the chef coming out to ensure we were enjoying our meals. We will definitely be back!

Paul C
Very impressed... owners are a nice family... food has been fresh and quite flavorful.

If you're a Seinfeld fan, and remember the Soup Nazi episode... you may remember Kramer's obsession with Muligatawni soup... well... if you've never tried it, now's your chance... it'll take about 1/2 hour, but you will be blown away!!!

Happiness comes to West Simi... if you like Indian food... run, don't walk to Bollywood.

Our Location

1368 - 2 Madera Road, Simi Valley CA 93065

Tel: 805 791 3535
Cell: 818 915 4007

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